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What does Pondicheri mean?

Pondicheri is the old French name of a city in Southern India now called Puducherry (or Pondicherry and fondly known as Pondi in short). We named it Pondicheri, not because we or our food are from there, but just because we loved the sound of the word!

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What part of India is the food from?

Our menu choices represent carefully curated and authentic yet reinvented preparations from all over the Indian subcontinent to showcase the best of the cuisine. Here is a map to represent the areas of inspiration.

What is Curry?

Curry simply means a sauce with spices in it. Despite popular belief, it does not refer to a yellow powder. Curry powder, commonly sold in grocery stores around the world is largely a mixture of turmeric, cumin, coriander and chili powder. Cooks in India do not use ‘curry powder’, they use different combinations of spices in their cooking.

Are all curries hot?

No, they are not. Curries, or sauces, whether they have meat or vegetables in them, usually have a combination of spices (masalas) and can be hot, mild, fragrant, thick or thin.

What is a Masala?

Masala simply means a spice blend. Some masalas will have just spices, some may have onions, ginger, garlic, herbs and other seasonings. Not to be confused with Marsala, an Italian sweet wine!

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