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June: Light Summer Foods

September: Beckoning Fall

Fall is the time to start enjoying stews, warming soups, and crispy naans to welcome cooler weather. Heartier grains like millet can be easily digested as can heavier meats like pork and beef.

Millet Pilaf

Buttermilk Soup

Vindaloo Ribs

Masala Garlic Ghee

Royal Naan

Cooking Class Dates

Friday, September 13th 6pm-8pm In-House (link)

Sunday, September 15th 6pm-8pm In-House (link)

October: Dosa Dreams

If you like beans, this is your class! Dosas, South India’s glorious, fermented rice and lentil crepes are a canvas for all sorts of cooking. They can transform into breakfast, lunch, and dinner and dosa crackers even make great snacks! Learn how to make this batter and incorporate it into your everyday cooking.

Variations on Dosa

Grilled Cheese Uthappam

Coconut Crab with Sesame Dosa

Classic Bean Salad

Sindhi Moong Dal

Cooking Class Dates

Friday, October 4th 6pm-8pm In-House (link)

Sunday, October 6th 6pm-8pm In-House (link)

November: The Curry Class

The best curries are those where a smattering of spices infuses flavors and aroma gradually. Once you learn the basics of a curry, you can adapt that to make curries are home from anything from vegetables to eggs to seafood and meat. Learn how to make Anita’s ultimate vegetarian curry from Gujarat, the oondhiya.

Kerala Crawfish Stew

Homestyle Butter Chicken


Carrot Roti

Saffron Citrus Rice Pilaf

Cooking Class Dates

Friday, November 8th 6pm-8pm In-House (link)

Sunday, November 10th 6pm-8pm In-House (link)

December: Celebratory Foods

The holidays are the time to let your guard down and partake in some indulgent foods. From the black cardamom scented Kashmiri kebabs which are super simple to make to the more complex biryani, this class will cover it all. The Moonlight milk chaat has been adapted from a very famous street food served only during the cold months in the narrow market streets of inner Delhi.

Kashmiri Kebabs

Roasted Wild Quail

Sindhi Lamb Biryani

Brussels Blueberry Salad

Moonlight Milk Chaat

Cooking Class Dates

Friday, December 6th 6pm-8pm In-House (link)

Sunday, December 8th 6pm-8pm In-House (link)

In House Cooking Class Information

All classes are held in our Bake Lab + Shop located right above Pondicheri. 

Each class includes 3-4 recipes of your choice to prepare along with dinner & dessert. 

Classes are scheduled evenings, between the hours of 6 pm and 9 pm. Each class lasts approximately 2.5 hours.

Classes are crafted for a minimum of 12 people so that everyone can get hands-on time. However, we have done classes with many more where some guests get hands-on and some enjoy viewing. 

Classes with Anita:

Minimum 12 people at $175/per person + tax. 

Classes with our Head Chefs:

Minimum 12 people at $125/per person + tax. 

Feel free to send us a message at and we would be more than happy to answer any questions and curate your next culinary adventure.