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Cooking Classes

Each cooking class with teach five recipes, and some may have a sub-recipe. You will be measuring, prepping and cooking one with another student, under Anita and her team’s guidance. Come ready to get your hands dirty! Do take the time to look through the menu and if you want to do a particular recipe, let us know when you walk in. 

We will all enjoy the food together at the end of the class around our large kitchen tables followed by a Q&A. The recipes with any pertinent notes will be emailed to you within 2 to 3 days. We prefer not to have drinks in the kitchen while cooking but feel free to come in a little early and get a glass of wine or beer. You can continue to enjoy the drinks at the end with dinner.

Father's Day ~ Saturday, June 17th 6pm-8pm

Cookie Baking ~ Saturday, July 22nd 6pm-8pm

Fall Flavors ~ Saturday, August 26th 6pm-8pm

Cookie Baking ~ Saturday, October 21st 6pm-8pm

Holiday Comfort Foods ~ Saturday, December 9th 6pm-8pm

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Pondi Suppers

Pondi Suppers Cooked by Anita!

With several courses, communal seating, we will break bread and enjoy the magic of moonlight, candles, and beautiful flowers. Conversations will flow and new friendships may emerge. The menu will be hugely experimental, but spices will touch everything. Nothing will be flown from across the world, we will celebrate local flora and fauna.

Summer Supper ~ Saturday, June 10th 6:30pm

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Make Dosas At Home!!

Curious about dosas? Join us in our deep dive with Dosa Kits!

Dosa Kit includes all the ingredients necessary to make dosas at home. With each purchase, there will be an excerpt from Masala (Anita's first cookbook) and the recipe.

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Masala Cookbook!

Go inside the mind of a chef to learn the fundamentals of Indian cuisine and decode the secrets to cooking with spices in this beautiful collection of over 100 timeless recipes.

Pre-order Anita Jaisinghani's first cookbook! 

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Reserve your copy at Pondicheri. Click below!

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Pondishop is a new retail adventure from the team at Pondicheri. 

The retail space features handmade scarves from India, brand apparel, natural beauty products, and of course all the wonderful masalas, food kits, and treats our guests have come to enjoy.



We have racked our pantry to create recipes that demystify the complexities of Indian cuisine. Pondicheri's recipe website aims to expose the magnificence of a cuisine rife with foreign vocabulary, strong flavors & unusual techniques.  We hope these tools will inspire you to freely explore the magic of spices & just cook.