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Dinner Convo Series: Say Cheese!

2800 Kirby Drive. Suite B240, Houston, TX 77098

Dinner Convo Series: There is nothing quite as fun as a great meaningful conversation around good food! Despite an outside world of war and division, we can come together for a few hours of common ground and common good. Come dream with us about how to make the world, our world in Houston, a better place.

Four large tables of ten is all our Bake Lab can hold comfortably so it’ll be cozy. All the dinners will be family style with vegetarian and meat options. Bring friends, family or neighbors, sit next to them or strangers (who may become friends), eat local fare, have a glass of wine or two…

Detailed menus will be posted two weeks in advance, based on best availability and seasonality. Space is limited – book now!

Tickets are non-refundable. Ticket price includes meal & gratuity. Drinks ordered a la carte.


Seeded Dosa Cracker | Liuzzi handmade burrata (Connecticut) in ginger brine | Herb oil GF

Bread Pakora | Milk bread fritter stuffed with Amul cheese (Gujarat, India) & eggplant pickle
~ cumin yogurt.

Fresh Greens Salad | local greens, mango, Boujee bleu cheese (New York), radishes,
toasted pumpkin seeds | Cumin cashew dressing GF.

Choice of:
Japanese Eggplant Roast | stuffed with Blue Heron (Hempstead, Texas), maitake
mushrooms, caramelized onions, currants, OG Goat and cow cheese (Belgium) | green
masala sauce
Tandoori Roasted Chicken Breast | stuffed with Blue Heron feta & mango chutney | green
masala sauce GF

For the table: Sweet potato gratin with Veldhuizen Cheddar Gold (Texas) | Sourdough with
Tomarashi cheese (St. Reyes, California) rolls with butter paneer masala

Dessert Tasting:
• Date stuffed with Shabby Shoe cheese (Wisconsin) & cracked spices
• Cheesecake laddu
• Pure Luck chevre (Dripping Springs, Texas) with seed crumble & honey

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