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Weekly Specials!

Come on in and enjoy our weekly specials all inspired by seasonal bounties! 

July 8th to July 14th, 2024 Specials 

Monday, July 8th - Meatless Monday

Grilled Peach Cheese Toast $15

Versions of these toasts were Ajna & Scott’s go-to meals early in the pandemic. Simple, gooey, sweet, savory, herby and DELISH.

Tuesday, July 9th - Fried Chicken - $26

Heritage Chicken (three pieces) - brined & marinated in yogurt masala then fried in ghee in a crispy chickpea batter, accompanied by Pondi salad, dwaffle, herb dipping sauce & house pickles.

Wednesday, July 10th - Dosa Dreams

Fish Aviyal GF $30

Braised halibut, coconut masala and fresh local vegetables in a simple fish stew. Sop up with a rolled up dosa…yum!

Thursday, July 11th - Traveling Thursday

Goa Pork Milk Bun $14

A perfect lunch or a starter ~ tear into this purple potato bun stuffed with long simmered pork stew with chiles, ginger and coconut. With saffron yogurt and cabbage slaw.

Friday, July 12th - Pickle Pizza

Green Goodness Pizza $18

Garden pesto, grilled peppers, gruyere – for the second week in a row we forgo the tomato sauce.

Bake Lab Dessert Special - Friday, July 12th to Sunday, July 14th

Cherry Hand Pie with Brioche Ice Cream $10

An indulgent summer dessert…small hand pies bursting with fresh cherries & topped with cardamom ice cream with toasted buttered brioche chunks.

Sunday, July 14th – Araam Thali $24

Market curry, sindhi dal, fresh paneer paratha & sindhi laddu. Add lamb keema or butter chicken. (only available in-house)

Sunday, July 14th - Biryani

Lamb Nihari GF $25

Nihari is one of our favorite things any time of year, not just fall or winter. This rich bowl will transport you to cooler temperatures and the comfort of warming foods to come.