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Dinner Convo Series: Better Meats

2800 Kirby Drive. Suite B240, Houston, TX 77098

Dinner Convo Series: There is nothing quite as fun as a great meaningful conversation around good food! Despite an outside world of war and division, we can come together for a few hours of common ground and common good. Come dream with us about how to make the world, our world in Houston, a better place.

Four large tables of ten is all our Bake Lab can hold comfortably so it’ll be cozy. All the dinners will be family style with vegetarian and meat options. Bring friends, family or neighbors, sit next to them or strangers (who may become friends), eat local fare, have a glass of wine or two…

M E N U 

Texas Oyster Pani poori ~ Lime, ginger and chile marinated oysters, mango ginger pani water
Chicken Chaat Salad ~ A flashback from our Indika days, revived and reinvented!
Romaine hearts, endive, fresh mint, moong sprouts, local peaches & chaat sauces
Smoked goat chop with sweet and spicy onion chutney
Wagyu Beef Tartare ~ Dosa crackers and fixings for the table
Wagyu Brisket Nihari ~ an old Delhi aromatic stew made with local brisket.
Toasted buttery buns, roasted baby potatoes and local vegetables.
Peach tarts with crème fraiche

Tickets are non-refundable. Ticket price includes meal & gratuity. Drinks ordered a la carte.

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