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Squash Potato Bake

a plate of food with a slice of pizza

Photo: Ajna Jai / Contributor 

The large bright green Opa squash (also known as bottle gourd, calabash, white gourd or lauki) is one of the most common squash varieties in India. Mostly used in cooked preparations like a sabzi or added to a lentil stews like dal, the opa squash can also be eaten raw, like in a raita. Unusually rich in vitamins and in soluble and insoluble fiber, it’s gentle on the stomach and easy to digest. In my childhood days, I remember an older aunt daily drinking the juice of the squash to successfully help her lose weight. Ayurvedic physicians commonly recommend it to patients to balance liver function. Look for this squash in Indian or Asian grocery markets. Despite its health benefits, the squash does need a boost of added flavor and this simple bake is one way to enjoy it for breakfast or a light lunch with a salad. If you prefer not using cream cheese, replace it with a nut butter of your choice.

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