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Snap Pea Pasta

a bowl of salad

The snap pea is an edible peapod that came into existence in the 1970’s as a cross between a shelling pea and a snow pea. Snap peas do well in colder climates and for these past two weeks, the local Farmer’s market tables, particularly Plant-it-Forward and Animal Farm, have been laden with wispy tender bright green delicious snap peas. Nothing like the commercial variety, they have a delicious hint of sweetness and a snappy crunch. Try adding them at the end of cooking a stew or a curry or cook them quickly in a stir-fry to retain their bright green color and crunch. I often add a handful to soup or beans or to a pot of rice, just after it has finished cooking. 

Here is a light and springy herb-forward pasta with snap peas using a lot of dill and parsley. In the spirit of spring cleansing, I decided to skip the cream or even coconut milk, instead studded the pasta with copious amounts of herbs. If not dill or parsley, use basil and cilantro. The pine nuts add a crunchy depth, blueberries a touch of sweet for balance and lime juice brightens the whole dish. There are so many possibilities with this pasta – add a couple of tablespoons of tahini or nut butter like cashew or almond when adding the pasta or crumble cheese over it just before serving. Skip the blueberries and add halved cherry tomatoes or sun-dried tomatoes. 

Photo: Ajna Jai / Contributor 

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