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Community Breakfast

Due to the challenges presented by the pandemic this year, we were only able to donate the first 3 months of our Community breakfast proceeds to PCVC - we did however donate food weekly to the front line workers at ben Taub Hospital and several homeless shelters in Houston such as Open Door Mission and Daya.

For this entire year of 2020, we have decided to commit our Community Breakfasts to a cause very dear to my heart. Let me tell you a story of a woman I’ve met briefly yet greatly admire. Prasanna is a domestic abuse burn survivor whose life work is to help other such victims. She runs a secret shelter in Chennai, India and with the help of the local police, spirits away women who have been doused with kerosene and burnt beyond recognition by their families. Yes, heinous crimes like this are rampant today all over India. Such unbridled cruelty should be a serious offence but sadly, the powers to be look the other way. Prasanna works tirelessly to create a community of recovery and rehabilitation around these victims.

Domestic abuse, whether its emotional, psychological or physical has been around since the beginning of time.  No culture or country is immune to it and most of us have either been the perpetrators or victims or witnessed it with family or friends. The easier path is to look the other way, pretend it’s not happening but I know, from personal experience that, words as weapons have the power to damage our souls.

When I suffered a severe burn to my right arm last spring due to a freak kitchen accident, I could not get the faces of victims Prasanna had shown me years ago off my mind, the worst part being that even today, these women can barely afford medical help least of all pain killers. 

All of us at Pondicheri consider ourselves so fortunate to have such a beautiful happy restaurant to call our work home and I personally am continually blown away by the generosity of our Houston community. We ask you to join us in dedicating our 2020 community breakfasts to The International Foundation for Crime Prevention & Victim Care (PCVC), the organization run by Prasanna Gettu. 50% of our sales (not profits!) will be given to PCVC. Every second Saturday of this year, from 8 am to noon, come join us in donating to a cause truly needy and heartbreaking 

- Anita