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Community Breakfast

Our Community Breakfast has humble beginnings dating back to 2011 when we opened Pondicheri. On the second Saturday of every month, we asked people to momentarily forget bacon or steak and come in to try dosas and uppma for breakfast. An initiative to donate to a charity we considered in need. 50% of sales, not proceeds, went straight to the organization. For over a decade, women and children have been our focus; we’ve donated tens of thousands of dollars to many from She Has Hope and Daya, to one close to my heart, PCVC, a non-profit that restores domestic violence burn victims in South India. And yep, dosas became an instant hit!

Notwithstanding, this year we’ve decided to change course and focus on regenerative agriculture here in the US. It focuses on rebuilding organic matter and living biodiversity in soil producing nutrient-dense food year after year. We truly believe that our money, your money, will create a ripple effect of regeneration supporting the health of our nation’s soil, food, people, and the planet.  Farmer’s Footprint, our beneficiary for this year, is a non-profit founded by the visionary Dr. Zach Bush. It is leading the way in showing farmers a better way to farm, or the way farming used to be, without relying on mono-crops or harmful chemicals like glyphosates, which may be responsible for the burst in chronic illness in the last 50 years. Do join us for our first Community Breakfast this year on Saturday, January 8th and help support the wonderful work Farmer’s Footprint does, either at the restaurant or the Bake Lab.

- Anita


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