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Tamarind Turkey Kebabs

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Photo: Carolina Ayala / Contributor

The holiday season has arrived amidst cooler weather with trees and leaves turning a beautiful auburn color. If you have not planned your Thanksgiving menu, this is a good time to explore new ideas. Turkey may be the centerpiece of most Thanksgiving dinner tables but it’s one meat that could use a lot of help with flavor from spices and herbs. Rub the whole turkey with a cardamom, black pepper and cinnamon spice rub or spice up the stuffing. Or, switch out the whole roasted bird for tamarind glazed grilled turkey kebabs. 

Tamarind may have originated in Africa but it’s very popular in the cuisines of Asia from India to Malaysia. You can make the turkey kebabs ahead of time and finish in the oven when ready to eat. Here is a tamarind glaze that will not only be delicious on grilled vegetables like butternut squash or zucchini but also on meats like chicken or lamb. The glaze will keep in the refrigerator for up to a month. The brine helps keep the meat plump, juicy and filled with flavor. Give it a try this year and I promise you, there won’t be much leftover. 

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