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Sweet Potato Savory Cake with Herb Yogurt

sweet potato savory cake with herb  yogurty

Photo: James Lenhart / Contributor 

I recently had the opportunity to work with Karen Man, a renowned Houston chef and baker, and I learned a thing or two about Chinese cooking methodology.  It was my first time using glutinous rice flour, common in Chinese and Japanese cooking and, to a lesser degree, in Indian cuisine. It’s hard to find in mainstream grocery stores, but it’s worth the drive to Chinatown to take in all the other sights and smells.  Considered a prebiotic, sweet rice flour, as it is also called, is a good source of zinc, fiber and other vitamins. Always wanting to balance sweet with savory and spicy, try this sweet potato cake recipe — it would make a delicious breakfast with lots of herbed yogurt, poached egg on side.

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