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Spring White Bean Asparagus Stew

a bowl of food on a table

Photo: Ajna Jai / Contributor 

In the last few years, weather patterns have been topsy turvy, to say the least. Winter weather during springtime and balmy days during wintertime are no longer uncommon. I lived in Canada for almost ten years and never quite got used to the cold. However, upon moving to Texas, I embraced the hot weather wholeheartedly, never looked back and unlike most Houstonians, welcomed the hot summers. So, these recent cold spurts have left me longing even more than usual for warming stews and curries. About half a dozen variety of beans are a staple in my pantry and my way of coping with cold weather is to dream up new ways to cook a bean stew. Simply cooking aromatic spices long and slow with the beans infuses them with flavor. Stirring in an onion and tomato adds another layer of flavor. Adding a green vegetable at the end gives it a lovely texture and brightness of flavor. This stew can be made with so many different root vegetables like potatoes, turnips, yellow beets and instead of asparagus, use fennel, kale, or spinach. Enjoy it on its own or top off with cheese or slices of avocado for added flavor.

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