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Roasted Wild Salmon with Kalonji

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Photo: James Lenhart / Contributor 

Wild Salmon is a treat we don’t allow ourselves to enjoy very often. Having eliminated all farmed fish from my personal diet - and my restaurant’s menu - helps me sleep better at night. Sometimes, the fish gods smile upon us and send us beautiful wild salmon from local waters. And we are always on the hunt to play with old spices in new ways. Kalonji, aka nigella sativa seed, is a spice commonly used in India for topping rotis or naans. Resembling black sesame seeds, it is often mistaken for black cumin, a completely different spice. Kalonji has powerful health benefits, from antioxidant properties to reducing inflammation, and is getting a lot of buzz in the culinary world. Ground up, it transforms into a whole new flavor - hauntingly smoky, deeply savory and just delicious. It’s wonderful with meat or meaty fish. So skip imposter farmed fish - bring home a good piece of wild salmon and roast it with kalonji.

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