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Simple Roti

a close up of a plate of food

Photo: James Lenhart / Contributor 

Roti aka chappati or phulka is the most common bread in India. Usually a little larger than a taco, rotis are made with 3-4 basic ingredients ~ finely ground whole-wheat flour and water, salt and fat optional.  Never to be eaten with a fork or a knife, most Indians use rotis as a delicious vehicle to scoop up a sabzi (cooked vegetable), dal (cooked lentils) or a curry with their hands.  It takes a bit of practice to roll a perfect round and you may end up with roti shapes that look like maps of different countries. However, it’s a fun process to learn so don’t let that discourage you. Even the funny shaped ones will taste good. The key is learning to put just enough gentle pressure on the rolling pin to get the roti to the perfect thickness.    

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