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Himalayan Noodle Soup

a plate of food on a table

Photo: Carolina Ayala / Contributor

Every region of the world has its version of a chicken noodle soup, but this variation may be the best one I’ve tasted on a trip to Nepal a few years ago. Perfect to eat during colder weather, it’s infinitely adaptable, tastes even better the next day and can be made with or without meat. 

Originating in Tibet, thukpa is popular not only in Nepal but in many of the states surrounding that region like Sikkim and Assam. Hand-pulled noodles (or even a pasta of your choice) are simmered in a meat, vegetable and masala laced aromatic broth and finished with lime and herbs. If you roasted or fried a whole turkey for Thanksgiving, you could even use the bones and meat from that to make this soup. Do give it a try this winter!

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