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Grilled Moringa Drumsticks

a plate of food with a knife

Photo: James Lenhart / Contributor 

Nicknamed the “tree of life” for its nutritional density, the moringa drumstick tree is native to tropical regions of Asia and India. The drumstick pods, an essential part of Ayurvedic regimens, are an incredible source of calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin C and antioxidants.  

But most important, most Indians love them for their meaty insides. The first time I sucked the pulp off an artichoke leaf, it reminded me of drumsticks. They can be cooked over an outdoor grill or stewed in a soup or a curry.  

Over the past few years, moringa has gained popularity in the West, and it’s not uncommon to see the fast-growing trees in suburban neighborhoods with the long distinctive pods hanging off them. Try them simply grilled with salt and pepper and a delicious saffron yogurt dip.

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