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Fenugreek Potatoes

a pizza sitting on top of a pan

Photo: Ajna Jai / Contributor

Originally native to the Mediterranean region, fenugreek was a wild uncultivated plant that the Romans and Greeks fed to their horses and cattle with hay and was seldom used for human consumption. Today, it has practically disappeared from Greek cuisine and any traces of it are hard to find. How it made its way to India is unknown, but we can probably attribute it to the prolific spice trade that went on for centuries and continues to exist today. Dried fenugreek leaves are bitter in taste but have a captivating aroma and are used throughout India. Fresh fenugreek, when in season like it is now during colder months, has a heady fragrance and is delicious in creamy or tomato-based vegetables or stews. However, because of its bitterness, fenugreek needs to be balanced with sweet, tart, or creamy flavors. 

Potatoes cooked in fenugreek aka Aloo Methi, is a traditional North Indian preparation and can be eaten along anything from a steak to grilled fish. Or of course, enjoy it like an Indian with dal and roti. You won’t find fresh fenugreek in your usual grocery stores so take a trip to an Indian grocer to look for it and who knows, you may discover a whole new world to explore!

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