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Dewberry Galette

a close up of food

Photo: James Lenhart / Contributor 

While we are all familiar with raspberries and blackberries, there is a wild and delicious Texas cousin that grows along thickets and pastures: meet the dewberry.

Common throughout the northern hemisphere and considered a beneficial weed, the leaves can be used to make teas and the dewberry — smaller, sweeter and less seedier than the blackberry — can be used in making jams, cobblers and other desserts. Usually foraged in the wild, dewberries are in season for two to three weeks in May and sometimes make an appearance at farmers stands.

I am fortunate enough to have a friend with a 3-year old son, Owen, who likes to pick them at his grandparents’ ranch outside Houston. He refers to them as two-berries since he has permission to eat only every other one he picks.

When Owen brought me dewberries this week, I wanted to do something special with them — so here is a galette that is more of a meal than dessert. It’s my favorite kind of food: crisp, creamy with a serrano pepper kick and a slightly sweet tart topping of dewberries. Enjoy it for lunch with a crisp salad and a chardonnay.

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