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Cleansing Khichri

a bowl of food on a plate

Photo: Ajna Jai / Contributor 

Ayurveda, the age-old Indian science of healing, goes to great lengths in cautioning us to watch over our health during the changing of the seasons from spring to summer or fall to winter.

Often, a restorative three to four-day reset with khichri, cleansing rice and lentil stew is eaten daily, helps prepare us to transition to warmer weather.

Plain white rice with mung or masoor, the orange and yellow lentils, is the simplest combination in a khichri and the gentlest on the belly. The asafetida is a gumlike resin spice with a distinct, strong aroma of garlic and onions, so store with caution.

Eat the khichri as a stew with added vegetables and herbs or add water and turn it into a congee-like soup. Either way, top if off with a dollop of ghee. The rosemary and mustard seeds provide warmth, and the ghee will coat the intestines and make for easy passage.

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