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Mother's Day

Join us in celebrating Mother's Day!

Starting Friday, May 10th through Sunday, May 12th

~ In House Specials ~

Tandoori Spiced Chicken Breast stuffed with burrata, saag & tomatoes, accompanied by a crispy salad made up of local lettuces and chicories!

Mango Mousse Cake slices available ALL WEEK!

(whole cakes available for pre-order here)

2024 Fashion Show

Pondicheri's first ever fashion show highlighting our new collection of womenswear (kaftans, overlay & scarves) all handmade in India! 

Join us for a FREE night of funky tunes, fashion fun & small bites (cooked by Anita, of course!)

RSVP here!

Cooking Classes

Each cooking class with teach five recipes, and some may have a sub-recipe. You will be measuring, prepping and cooking one with another student, under Anita and her team’s guidance. Come ready to get your hands dirty! Do take the time to look through the menu and if you want to do a particular recipe, let us know when you walk in. 

We will all enjoy the food together at the end of the class around our large kitchen tables followed by a Q&A. The recipes with any pertinent notes will be emailed to you within 2 to 3 days. We prefer not to have drinks in the kitchen while cooking but feel free to come in a little early and get a glass of wine or beer. You can continue to enjoy the drinks at the end with dinner.

2024 Classes!

May: The Quintessential Spice Pop  (5/3, 5/5)

June: Light Summer Foods  (6/7, 6/8 Zoom, 6/9)

September: Beckoning Fall  (9/13, 9/14 Zoom, 9/15)

October: Dosa Dreams  (10/4, 10/5 Zoom, 10/6)

November: The Curry Class  (11/8, 11/9 Zoom, 11/10)

December: Celebratory Foods  (12/6, 12/7 Zoom, 12/8)

More Info!

Monthly Dinners 2024

Dinner Convo Series: There is nothing quite as fun as a great meaningful conversation around good food! Next month, we are launching our monthly dinner series starting in February with our love of local farms. Despite an outside world of war and division, we can come together for a few hours of common ground and common good. Come dream with us about how to make the world, our world in Houston, a better place.

Four large tables of ten is all our Bake Lab can hold comfortably so it’ll be cozy. All the dinners will be family style with vegetarian and meat options. Bring friends, family or neighbors, sit next to them or strangers (who may become friends), eat local fare, have a glass of wine or two…

Here is a plan for February through June. We’ll take a summer break during July and August. Detailed menus will be posted two weeks in advance, based on best availability and seasonality. Space is limited – book now!

Say Cheese! | Friday, April 26th 6pm onwards
We love cheese, especially the huge variety procured by Houston Dairymaids – and this menu will focus on fresh, aged and well-ripened cheeses from far and near…

Better Meats | Saturday, May 11th 6pm onwards
If we must eat meat, let’s eat good well-sourced seafood and meats. This is a meat-forward dinner with lots of vegetarian sides.

Want Not, Waste Not | Saturday, June 15th 6pm onwards
One person’s waste is another’s treasure. We’ve always believed in nose to tail cooking, whether it’s vegetables or meats. Let us show you how…



We have racked our pantry to create recipes that demystify the complexities of Indian cuisine. Pondicheri's recipe website aims to expose the magnificence of a cuisine rife with foreign vocabulary, strong flavors & unusual techniques.  We hope these tools will inspire you to freely explore the magic of spices & just cook.


Masala Cookbook!

Go inside the mind of a chef to learn the fundamentals of Indian cuisine and decode the secrets to cooking with spices in this beautiful collection of over 100 timeless recipes.

Pre-order Anita Jaisinghani's first cookbook! 

Not in Houston? Order on Amazon ~ link here


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