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November 20th to November 26th, 2023 Specials

Monday, November 20th - Meatless Monday

A day of all plant-based deliciousness!

Tuesday, November 21st - Fried Chicken - $24

Heritage Chicken (three pieces) - brined & marinated in yogurt masala then fried in ghee in a crispy chickpea batter, accompanied by Pondi salad, dwaffle, herb dipping sauce & house pickles.

Wednesday, November 22nd - Dosa Dreams

Maitake Pumpkin Dosa GF V $22

Local pumpkin & squash with beautifully seared maitake mushrooms with our house made BBQ Masala and Malabar coconut gravy. Nothing says Thanksgiving quite like fresh stuffing & gravy and this dosa hits the spot!

Thursday, November 23rd - Thanksgiving Day

Restaurant Closed - Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 24th - Pickle Pizza

Cranberry Pizza $18

Cranberry Pizza? Really? Yes!! It is delicious, trust us! House made Cranberry & Apple Chutney with local gruyere and goat cheese, rosemary and serrano.

Weekends - Friday, November 24th to Sunday, November 26th

Kashmiri Waza - $75

A luxurious celebration; Roghan Josh (osso bucco), Haak Saag, Gustaba, Silken chicken meatballs with apricots, Wild Mushroom Pilaf, Kashmiri bread & fixings.

Bake Lab Dessert Special - Friday, November 24th to Sunday, November 26th

Indika Bread Pudding $10

One of our classic desserts from our Indika days is making a comeback - come enjoy it this weekend only at the Bake Lab!

Sunday, November 26th – Araam Thali $24

Market curry, pooris, chole, fresh paneer paratha & sindhi laddu. Add lamb keema or butter chicken. (only available in house)

Sunday, November 26th - Biryani

Chili Biryani (contains peanuts) $22

Fire up the holiday digestion with a warm bowl of our Chili Biryani - local peppers, garbanzo and your choice of house made paneer or black pepper chicken. Cool down with some eggplant raita & you've got yourself a bowl full of comfort.