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Weekly Specials!

Come on in and enjoy our weekly specials all inspired by seasonal bounties! 

Monday, May 16th - Meatless Monday

A day of entirely plant-based deliciousness - remember no meat!

Tuesday, May 17th - Fried Chicken - $24

Heritage Chicken (three pieces) - brined & marinated in yogurt masala then fried in ghee in a crispy chickpea batter, accompanied by Pondi salad, chutneys, tamarind dipping sauce & house pickles, with your choice of dwaffle or uppma.

Wednesday, May 18th - Cabbage Rolls for Ukraine

Spring Green Roll Cabbage Roll GF &V $20

Fresh summer sugar snap peas, avocado, herbs and our tangy Ocean Masala, this is one of our lighter and brighter Cabbage Roll offerings!

Thursday, May 19th - Throwback

Paneer Kofta $22

An old Indika special! Paneer kofta with beet sauce, green masala, and spiced okra. Yum! Served with naan…


Friday, May 20th - Pickle Pizza

Hot'n Sweet Chicken Pickle Pizza $18

Tangy chicken with mango pickle topped with goat cheese, pickled onions & crispy kari leaves.

Weekends - Friday, Saturday, May 20th to May 21st

Vindaloo Ribs - $50

Sunday, May 22nd

Avocado Black Bean Biryani (gf) $24

Black beans, everyday masala, avocado, green masala, cherry tomatoes & chaat chips!

Araam Thali $20

Market curry, pooris, Sindhi dal & okra. Add lamb keema or butter chicken. 

(only available in house)