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Weekly Specials!

Come on in and enjoy our weekly specials all inspired by seasonal bounties! 

Monday, December 5th - Meatless Monday

A day of all plant-based deliciousness!

Tuesday, December 6th - Fried Chicken - $24

Heritage Chicken (three pieces) - brined & marinated in yogurt masala then fried in ghee in a crispy chickpea batter, accompanied by Pondi salad, chutneys, tamarind dipping sauce & house pickles, with your choice of dwaffle or uppma.

Wednesday, December 7th - Dosa Dreams

Saag Mushroom Dosa V & GF $15

A Pondicheri classic dosa with roasted mushrooms, saag and cabbage salad!

Thursday, December 8th  - Traveling Thursday

Burmese Noodle Soup GF contains peanuts, but can be left out
Mushroom (V) $20 ~ Chicken $22 ~ Shrimp $24

 Burmese khau sway, aka the soup of my dreams comes to you this Thursday. Broth is entirely plant-exclusive and made with morel mushrooms, add chicken or shrimp.

Friday, December 9th  - Pickle Pizza

Chicken Chaat Pizza $16

Indian street food on a pizza; sliced chicken with cilantro, tamarind, and cilantro sauces topped with pom seeds!

Weekends - Friday, Saturday December 9th to December 10th

Vindaloo Ribs - $50

Sunday, December 11th – Araam Thali $20

Market curry, pooris, chole, fresh paneer bhatura & rose laddu. Add lamb keema or butter chicken. 

(only available in house)

Sunday, December 11th - Biryani 

Paneer & Black Bean Biryani GF $22

Another classic biryani with paneer, black garbanzo beans, cashews, and aromatic spices! No surprises yet it is packed with flavor.