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Super Bowl Take Away!

Madras Chicken Wings - Two dozen twice roasted in black pepper, amchur, and tamarind chutney.  ($35)

Vindaloo Ribs - Two whole Colorado lamb rib racks marinated in warm Goan spices slow roasted with tamarind. Served with pondi salad, desi fries, brussel sprouts, tamarind dipping sauce & cheese uttapum. ($100)

Kalonji Lamb Chops - Two dozen grilled lamb chops rubbed with a masala of kalonji, clove and black pepper. ($110)

Pickle Pizzas - Carnivore Lover's, Chili Chicken, White Wild Mushroom ($12-$15)

Game Night Package - Kalonji Lamb Chops (6), Madras Chicken Wings (18), Desi Fries, 3 Dal Stew, Naan Pizza, Ranch Raita and Bombay Mix (serves 4 - $90)

Chocolate Chili Cookies

Chocolate Bourbon Cake Balls

Local Beer 

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