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A Feast for the Future

2800 Kirby Drive. Suite B240, Houston, TX 77098

In collaboration with Feeding Broadly, a new initiative with former editor-in-chief of Food & Wine Magazine, Dana Cowin.

We are living in a world of tumultuous change, uncertainty, and dwindling resources. Yet, there is plenty to celebrate today and plenty to ponder over about the future. What will we, our children or our grandchildren be eating in say, 10, 20 or 30 years? What will the landscape of our food look like? Will it be more grains, more greens and more mushrooms? Will sustainable oysters that filter water be our future? Will it be less real meat and more fake meat?

On Thursday October 12th, 2023, we are hosting a dinner for conversations on how to eat to heal the planet. Join us for a lively evening with communal seating while enjoying thought provoking food cooked by Anita and her team and conversations with your table mates and Dana as we explore new possibilities. A portion of our proceeds will go to Plant-it-Forward, a beloved local farm.

$95 each - Veg and non-veg options (includes, food, tax, and gratuity ~ does not include drinks)

NOTE: Seating is limited & non-refundable.

If you would like to be put on the waitlist please email us at

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