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Millet Pancake

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In an attempt to get more cultures to embrace millet, the United Nations has named 2023 as the year of the millet and they are hoping that within five years, its consumption overtakes that of other grains like maize or wheat. While millet has been cultivated for millennia in countries like India, China, and sub-Saharan Africa, it is little known in the rest of world and certainly, here in the west. At a time when the world is racked with climate uncertainty, natural disasters and war, millet, unlike maize or wheat, is fast growing and drought and pest resistant. There are many types of millet like fonio, pearl, foxtail, and finger. Millet may even be gentler on our bodies as it is naturally gluten-free and has high levels of protein, fiber, and essential amino-acids. In India, we use millet flour for making certain breads, dumplings, and pancakes (aka chilla) in the wintertime. And whole millet is used in making pilafs or khichri. Millet pairs beautifully with dark leafy greens, mushrooms, and meat dishes. Here is a recipe for a pancake made with millet flour that you can either ferment and keep in the refrigerator for weeks or make an instant version. Photo: Ajna Jai / Contributor 

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