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Holiday Offerings

Enjoy a holiday meal with us this December! Available for pick up on 12/23 from 12-5pm! 

Herbivore Holiday Meal (serves 4 ppl)

Omnivore Holiday Meal (serves 4 ppl)

Masala Nuts (Baked spiced cashews, Texas organic pecans and house smoked almonds - gluten free & vegan).

Pomegranate Green Salad (Local lettuces, arugula, radicchio, belgian endive, herbs and edible flowers with pomegranates - mustard seed maple syrup lemon dressing - gluten free & vegan).

Beet Soup (Another favorite from our Indika days. It took us so many iterations of beet soup to come up with this one. Made with toasted chickpea flour, coconut, mustard seeds and ginger. Topped with a seed crumble - gluten free & vegan).

Crab Samosas (A throwback to our Indika days! Jumbo local crabmeat with garlic, ajwain and coconut stuffed in a triangular pastry served with papaya ginger chutney).

Saag Cashew Samosas (Plant based saag mixed with toasted ground cashews, fenugreek, serrano peppers and warm spices stuffed in a triangular pastry served with Texas persimmon chutney- vegan).

Truffle Mac'n Cheese (Fresh pasta baked with Burgundy truffles, gruyere cheese, garlic and fresh cream). 

Lobster Truffle Mac'n Cheese (Fresh pasta baked with lobster tails, Burgundy truffles, gruyere cheese, garlic and fresh cream).

South Indian Potato Mash (Idaho potatoes mashed and rough chopped, then sauteed with mustard seeds, kari leaves, ginger, a touch of chili - gluten free & vegan).

Wild Mushroom Pot Pie (Chestnut, maitake, loin’s name and other wild mushrooms cooked in a coconut ginger sauce with vegetable shortening pie crust - vegan).

Butter Paneer Pot Pie (Our house made traditional whole milk cheese flavored with saffron with roasted cauliflower slow cooked in a creamy tomato masala with a buttery pie crust).

Roghan Josh Pot Pie (Lamb leg slow braised with root vegetables, saffron, cardamom, mace and Kashmiri chili powder baked with a buttery pie crust).

Kalonji Roasted Tenderloin (Oven roasted Angus farm-raised Texas tenderloin marinated with black nigella - kalonji- , garlic and black pepper masala. Served medium rare with saffron yogurt sauce topped with spices and fresh herbs). 

Smoked Eggplant Raita (Fire smoked eggplant folded into thick yogurt with garlic, cumin seeds and walnuts - gluten free).

Sweet Potato Rolls (Fluffy pull apart buns flavored with turmeric, yogurt and cardamom).

Saag Biscuits (Puff pastry squares stuffed with saag and gruyere).

Blueberry Walnut Sourdough (Wild starter spelt sourdough with blueberries and local walnuts vegan).

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