Mughal Pop Up Dinner

April 20, 2018 6:00 PM

4 course sampling of decadent Mughlai cuisine!  
Dinner will be followed by The Forgotten Empress, a Kathak dance drama exploring Empress Nur Jahan's life & influence in 16th century Mughal India.  

MEHERUNISSA or NUR JAHAN (the light of the world)
A charismatic, strong, forward thinking woman, Nur Jahan was the most influential yet least known Empress of India. A  ferocious hunter, lover of architectural design & a known gourmand, she also wielded an unparalleled political power that rivaled her husband, the Mughal Emperor Jahangir.  The Mughals were known for their love of decadent feasts using nuts, creams, saffron & meats.  Much of Indian cuisine's popular fare such as naan, kebabs, samosas, fragrant biryanis & richer meat curries is a creative outcome of Persian & Indian minds meeting & working together in the Mughal kitchens. 


KATHAK DANCE 8 - 9:30pm | Performance tickets sold separately

Friday April 20th
6 - 7:45pm 
$95 |  4 courses + drink pairings

Asia Society Texas Center.  1370 Southmore Blvd Houston, TX 77004
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